Sunday, October 23, 2011

yet another chalk paint project

Styling by Lou. (Some of the words have been censored to protect others ; )

This is my first chalk paint effort  - a revamp of Lou's bedroom furniture.
The furniture was purchased from Ikea nearly 10years ago for Grace’s bedroom. Back then NR decided to stain the furniture. The drawers had an extension for a baby change table.
When Lou came along the furniture was painted blue.
And now another revamp, this time with porter’s jungle green chalk paint, as if we haven’t had enough of chalk paint. 
I think this will be the last revamp for the furniture & I am not sure about painting with chalk paint again :s


  1. Hello Miss KP

    you are in innovator (and brave :).

    Never say never - I had this dear old pine 6 chest of drawers that got painted and stained over the years so many times we lost count.
    My mum & dad now have it in their house in the computer room and it looks a really nice piece of furniture.

    your boy will love the freedom you have given him with a piece of chalk in his 'domain'.

    have a wonderful day - always :)

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  2. Don't you just love how a quick coat of paint can instantly transform a room or a piece of furniture?

  3. Ha Ha, Your censoring already :)
    It sounds like hard work but the results are fantastic.

    Kel x

  4. Looks good. I too am loving green at the moment. Chalk paint though... Isn't that like waving a red flag to a bull! Ha

  5. I do like that green and what a great idea, my kids would love me if I painted their furniture like that. I might do for one chest of drawers so they can have fun writing on it, IKEA drawers too G

  6. Looks amazing, what a brilliant idea. Amazing how we thought a good wood stain was nice for decor in children's rooms way back when!! Love Posie

  7. This looks fabulous, Lou obviously loves it! How impressive is the fact that it's Ikea furniture too. I often thing it's more 'disposable' but you've proved that these items just keep on giving great service. Great advert for the brand!
    One question;is the floor always covered in chalk dust?
    x KL

  8. That looks cute, bright & fun - and perfect for keeping the kids amused!
    Melissah from coastal Style