Sunday, October 23, 2011

yet another chalk paint project

Styling by Lou. (Some of the words have been censored to protect others ; )

This is my first chalk paint effort  - a revamp of Lou's bedroom furniture.
The furniture was purchased from Ikea nearly 10years ago for Grace’s bedroom. Back then NR decided to stain the furniture. The drawers had an extension for a baby change table.
When Lou came along the furniture was painted blue.
And now another revamp, this time with porter’s jungle green chalk paint, as if we haven’t had enough of chalk paint. 
I think this will be the last revamp for the furniture & I am not sure about painting with chalk paint again :s

Thursday, October 20, 2011

kitchen part II

Finally brought some chairs for the kitchen from Freedom, their Mess Hall chair. The chairs look like the emeco's navy chair. I am not sure if you would call the chair a replica of the emeco's navy chair as it not quite the same. Is a replica exactly the same or slightly different? The kids now love sitting in the kitchen & being able to reach for everything that is being prepared for them to eat.

On another subject, our old house in Brisbane has a Tasmanian Oak kitchen which I don't really love & I don't really dislike either. The kitchen is properly about 15years old. Just supposedly, should I paint it or leave it? Would you paint a Tasmanian oak kitchen? And if yes what colour?

Monday, October 17, 2011

it's raining

The kids’ just love it when it rains for the first time in a long while. After months of dry and for the past few weeks’ very hot & humid weather the rain is always welcomed. And with a day off school today it was perfect timing to rain, rain & rain.
As the rain got heavier there were mad dashes to round up more umbrellas, gumboots & raincoats.

 I have just finished my 4th  load of washing towels, 
changes of clothes & soft toys all of which were soaked and very muddy. 

Back to school tomorrow.


Thursday, October 13, 2011


The kitchen is a mix & match [*hopefully not too much of a mismatch] 
The run down on the kitchen is:
The drawers use the blum pull-out systems. Some of the cupboards are pullouts for oils, herbs & oven trays.
The pantry has blum pull-out drawers.
The counter tops are essastone & stainless steel.
The cupboards are laminex in 3 different colourways.
Floors are polished pine.
The appliances are a mix of Miele [steamer, oven & warming draw], Bosch [dishwasher], Highland [rangehood], & Siemens [cooktop].

On my wish list when our +10year old refrigerator expires, which I don’t think will be any time soon as it is extremely robust, a Smeg retro refrigerator
But in what colour?


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Isa

A lovely outback change was a weekend away in the Isa. There was lots of dust, lovely hot dry temperatures [much more comfortable than the humidity of the coast] & a touch of glamour of the Casa Grande Ball.
The ball is held at Casa Grande, a Spanish Mission style building, built in 1949 for the MIM mine manager.
Queen Elizabeth stayed at Casa Grande in a redecorated and refurnished suite
when she visited the town in 1970.

casa grande

the queen

casa granda ball 2011
round up

hot & dry western Queensland
Fountain Springs - formed by a series of quartz veins
Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The picket fence is nearly complete, just a couple of corrections were the pattern went wrong [see if you can spot the mistake]. The gates are being mtm.
Just playing the waiting game for the carpenter to return.  
Still loving spring.

Sunset - days are beautiful at this time of year
Sunrise - the trees are still looking bare from Yasi
 Out the back the land is very dry, this year the forecast is for the rains to begin in November. Hopefully there will not be as much rain as last year.