Saturday, November 19, 2011

bold & beautiful


Stunning metallic tropical print wallpaper. Love it!!! 
I am not sure if I could be so brave. But it would look great in our bathroom & the storage is just what I need. Have you ever had wallpaper in a bathroom? 
this is my ensuite unfinished : (
I can image the wallpaper & that storage unit & the big enormous mirror!!!!

this is why I don't have a mirror. Annoying. 
We needed to spend more time going over the plans & we needed to be on site more! We are planning on moving the powerpoint to the side but can't bare the thought of cutting into more tiles. There is another power point in the bathroom so I am thinking just to disconnect this one & placing the big mirror over the top.

I would love to hear your comments. 
Have a great Saturday. 


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

bathroom complete...

only thing left to do is to paint the window...

bathroom before pic

Nearly 12 months after the builders have left, the kid’s bathroom finally has a mirror installed!! The story is way too long why we haven’t installed mirrors in the bathrooms. 

Pressure is on to complete all the outstanding little bits & pieces. In the New Year we are leaving the ville.

Inspired by Mimi [At home with Sam & I] post Blue-Green, I painted the mirror Resene Deep Sea.The mirror is from Target.

A washer failure which destroyed an expensive vanity on a previous renovation, this time, I decided not to go with any vanities. Instead opting for basins & stand-alone storage. Sounded good to me at the time, but, I have never found the right piece of stand-alone furniture. Installing a vanity would have been an easier option. To make do I have storage baskets [from Pillow Talk] sitting on a timber bath mat [from Freedom].

Now for mirrors in the ensuite. 


Monday, November 7, 2011

quintessential NQ

Gotta love living in NQ! Front page of today’s Townsville Bully included classic North Queensland stories... ‘‘First irukandji sting of the season’’, ‘‘Snake strikes’’, ‘‘Stinger net shark rescue’’, ‘‘JT [Jonathan Thurston] perfect with the boot in Four Nations Test’’ and to help you with your cyclone preparations you have the chance to win one of 10 generators! The paper isn’t complete unless there is JT story. The only thing missing is the quintessential croc story, but I think that may have been last week when a 3m+ croc was captured off Maggie Island! 

Wranglers put a bite on shark story
Oh dear, Grace is competing in a surf carnival this Saturday hopefully it will be uneventful & no front page story. The stinger nets are out & they will drag the nets first too double check for any nasties. :S

Reno update: Showers were forecast for the weekend so I didn't paint the path. However, I did start on the last of the painting inside the house. The last room I have to finish painting is the original lounge/dinning area & it is also the entrance to the house. The kids mainly use this room to watch TV & the room is the entrance to the house. I have no idea what to do with the room. Make a entrance, sitting room/lounge & study area....currently the room is a dumping ground for our surplus furniture. We have 3 sideboards! All of our everyday living is in the new part of the house.

before the move in - pic taken from the front entrance. 
After move in  - the outdoor furniture was only inside during Yasi

   How would you use/decorate this room?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

picket fence complete

top soil on the grass - preparation for summer


Resene SilverChalice 
Resene JetStream
  JetStream colour is similar to the exterior colour of the house.

Our picket fence has finally been completed!  Thank you to my follow bloggers. Your comments, on the front fence post, persuaded me to go the picket. The fence was low priority on the to do list, but now the fence is complete it has made the biggest impact on the renovation. The picket fence is a great first impression.

This week, the goal is to paint the front path. The colour chosen is Resene SilverChalice – I think. 
I have tested a sand stone colour & a charcoal, both not quite right. 
Hopefully the SilverChalice might be okay. 

The rainbow shower trees have loads of new growth, these trees will eventually provide much needed shade in the front garden.