Wednesday, November 2, 2011

picket fence complete

top soil on the grass - preparation for summer


Resene SilverChalice 
Resene JetStream
  JetStream colour is similar to the exterior colour of the house.

Our picket fence has finally been completed!  Thank you to my follow bloggers. Your comments, on the front fence post, persuaded me to go the picket. The fence was low priority on the to do list, but now the fence is complete it has made the biggest impact on the renovation. The picket fence is a great first impression.

This week, the goal is to paint the front path. The colour chosen is Resene SilverChalice – I think. 
I have tested a sand stone colour & a charcoal, both not quite right. 
Hopefully the SilverChalice might be okay. 

The rainbow shower trees have loads of new growth, these trees will eventually provide much needed shade in the front garden.


  1. Oh we so badly need a new fence. Yours looks wonderful - it makes a big difference to the look of the house. I can't wait to see what the new path will look like too. xx

  2. Oh your picket fence really makes your house look pretty.
    We have two empty garden beds either side of our front door that have been that way for a year - low priority obviously, but it would be so nice to finish them so that the front of the house has some street appeal. I bet you feel good everytime you pull up to the front of your house now.
    Kylie x

  3. Hello Miss KP

    that fence has set the boundaries now! (sorry a bad attempt at humour :)

    It looks smashing - and really is gorgeous.

    I can only imagine you need something in a cool colour on the concrete so your tootsies don't burn in the intense summer heat when they cross it.

    It will look wonderful when done no matter what you choose

    have a wonderful day and thank you always for coming by my blog and saying hi. It is always lovely to see you.

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog


  4. Wow! You must have a little smile on your face every time you come up the drive. I would. It looks fantastic, KP. I love the recessed gate and the pattern and height are perfect.

    Kel x

  5. HI KP,! It is perfect,I too would go with the silver for path, keep it light or it just gets too darn hot to walk on. You must smile everytime you drive home!

  6. The fence looks great, a picket fence does have an amazing impact. I like the colour for the path too, I am really into greys at the moment. We have gery tiles and carpet and considering a house colour. Gx

  7. The fence looks so pretty KP. It's a great 1st impression. I've never hear of 'rainbow' trees before,, they look so magical!
    x KL

  8. The fence has made a huge impression and really finished off your home beautifully. ;-)

  9. It's as pretty as a picture. Just beautiful. I am a sucker for a picket fence. Perfect choice. A-M xx

  10. Looks fantastic, I love the colour you have chosen for the path it will really complement your beautiful home. Mimi xx

  11. Hi KP! Great to meet you and your lovely blog. I'm looking forward to following someone else's renovation journey!

  12. The fence looks great & it has a nice point of difference.

  13. I love that picket fence. It makes the house look so charming.