Monday, May 16, 2011

A keeper

We caught our first keeper from the river. Crab pasta for dinner.

lemongrass crab triangles
Donna Hay

Or maybe lemongrass crab triangles from Donna Hay? If only I had the time.


  1. Crab pasta... mmmmmmmm. yummmm.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog KP.

    Do you mind me asking if you prefer your combi steam or the regular oven? Which one do you use more often? What other things do you use the combi steam for? Also, do you have a microwave as well?


  2. Hi B, I really like the combi steam. Mircowave is kept in the pantry and is only used for melting butter and warming milk. The combi steam I use for dinner and breakfast. The steamer does great poached eggs. The combi steam is smallish and I couldn't rely on it alone, I think I would still need the conventional oven. I mainly use the conventional oven for baking slices and cakes. However the steamer/combi is apparently great for baking cheesecakes, cakes etc but I haven't attempted yet. KP