Wednesday, August 24, 2011

front fence

The front yard to do or not to do list. On top of the list is the front fence.

  1. Do we add a white picket fence or do we makeover the existing wire fencing?
Quirk Architecture - I can only dream 

from a country
our wire fence [in the distance]
The original plan was to plant new plantings of hibiscus & wait for the plants to catch up with the existing hibiscus hedges.

woven wire gate
and add new wire gates for the pathway & driveway. I love this gate but it is too fancy for our house. 


Maybe the camberwell style?

front of the house before we brought

I look forward to your thoughts on picket or wire?



  1. It's white picket for me - all the way! ;-)

  2. Morning KP :)

    A-M made me fall in love with white picket fences. However, I have no idea how expensive they are and it looks like you would need a LOT of it...


  3. Hi KP,

    If money is no object than I have to vote for the white picket fence. You can't go past them. I love that first photo and have been searching for a photo for you, I know I have somewhere, of something similar. Can't find it but don't be surprised if you get a random fence/gate photo from me down the line.

  4. A crisp white picket fence would really set your house off!!!
    Sarah x

  5. Thank you Jenny, B, Kellie & Sarah for your comments & helping me to decide on a crisp white picket. Cheers, KP