Wednesday, August 17, 2011

tiling complete

Finally Brad returned & completed the grouting :) The tiling for the kitchen/pantry/laundry was meant to be a subway/butcher shop look but our first tiler (which was not Brad) decided otherwise. Job completed before I saw it. It pays to be on site all the time.    


last of the tiling completed  - yay


  1. Hello Kp

    I love the subway tiles (have to say I have them in white myself in my kitchen).
    But oh yes - I couldn't agree more! One needs to be site foreman, manager, and a wearer of all hats!

    have a great day / night

    take care


  2. Hi! Just found your blog. What was the builders answer to the wrong tiling method? I'm having my white tiles put up "subway" in a couple of weeks time. I would be furious if that happened to me. But we are building with a company that aloud us on site whenever we like, we even have a key.
    Take care, Anette :-)

  3. Hi KP,

    The tiling looks great. Have you posted any complete kitchen shots yet? I'll have another look through your blog. I have chosen subway tiles for my kitchen splash back also. It's a timeless look.
    I will take your advice and hang around the site as much as I can.

    Kel x
    p.s. I'm up to my ears in grey paint samples. Are you happy with the grey you used? Was it too dark or just right? It really looks perfect in the photo's.

  4. Hi K, looks great, but trades drive me bonkers when they do their own thing or just "assume" that was what it was supposed to be!!! When in doubt I'm just a phone call away I say to them.

  5. KP, we still want electric curtains but are having troubles finding the track which supports both sheers and drapes. We don't really want two separate tracks :( if that's even possible ...