Saturday, September 10, 2011

hello spring

What a difference 6months makes! The trees planted on the nature strip prior to Cyclone Yasi & were then flatten during Yasi are thriving and have tripled in size.


our newly planted trees the morning after yasi : (

work in progress   
We have decided to repair the existing path rather than go to the expense of digging up & starting again. The cracks have been cut out and the holes refilled with new cement. In about 4weeks we will paint the path. Any suggestions on a colour?

something fishy in the air 

uylssee butterfly friendly trees : )  

source unknown

Finally a weekend free to work in the garden. The wire fence has been removed & the carpenter is due on Monday to build a picket fence.

Lots & lots of new plantings this weekend : )


  1. Hi KP,

    I am so looking forward to seeing photo's of that picket fence. I hope you have not volunteered to do the painting :) Your Garden looks great and I am loving the hanging fish.

    We have had some serious rain and wind down here this week. I'm praying we don't have another year of floods and cyclones.

    Kel x

  2. Hi Kellie, Unfortunately I am painting the fence:(

    It has be very windy here but no rain yet. This time last year it was pouring with rain so hopefully we maybe back to a normal wet season - hopefully. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  3. I love your trees !!! I wish we were up to the landscaping stage...

    Any chance you could prime and apply at least one coat of paint before the fence is installed? It might be a bit easier but I've never done it before so I could be wrong. Hope you have a very productive weekend :)


  4. Hi B,

    It is a good idea to prime & coat the fence beforehand, but it wont happen as the timber will arrive with the carpenter. The carpenter is going to lend me his spray equipment for me to spay paint which is a scary thought. I will give it a go & hopefully won't create to much of a mess ;)


  5. Hurray picket fence! can't wait. The path would be nice painted in the grey- to match the tiles on the patio, or a sandstone colour if you wanted something different to the tiles.
    Sar x

  6. Wow - look at that butterfly! Now following :)

  7. Love that porch, what gorgeous frontage you have. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the new fence and the trees as they grow. G