Saturday, February 5, 2011

Clean up after TC Yasi

The sounds of air conditioners have been replaced by the sound of generators and chainsaws. Townsville was very lucky, only receiving a pruning. Below are some before TC Yasi and after TC Yasi photos.

The next morning the winds were still very strong. We were lucky we had no real damage other than some water which came in the back due to the rain being horizontal. We will arrange for some shutters to go on to the back of the house to protect us from any future cyclones.

I am sure if we left the gum standing in our yard it would of fallen onto the house during TC Yasi

Ross River at high tide during the second storm surge

At low tide prior to TC Yasi reaching land you could see the river sand - the water had disappeared!

The original house built on Robert Towns (founder of Townsville) cotton property didn't flinch - the house has been a witness to many cyclones.

The morning after TC Yasi the wind is still very strong

Trees on the river bank left looking bare after TC Yasi- many of the leaves landed on the back deck.

Before TC Yasi the trees were full of leaves

Townsville was very lucky and only received a pruning.

Bike path at Townsville Golf Club - Queensland's first golf course.

The trees we planted on the nature strip will need some support. The trees are numbered 000001 on the Townsville City Councils tree register for permits to plant on the nature strip.

A warning of power lines downs

Bike path is covered with fallen branches and trees

Monopoly the game of choice during the cyclone

Surveying the damage around our streets

Photo from the Townsville Bulletin - Bruce Highway Cardwell
We were very fortunate compared to our favorite stopping place for coffee when driving up north - Cardwell and all its surrounding towns and communities.  

Swing set not going anywhere at Garden Grove - no damage reported

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