Thursday, October 20, 2011

kitchen part II

Finally brought some chairs for the kitchen from Freedom, their Mess Hall chair. The chairs look like the emeco's navy chair. I am not sure if you would call the chair a replica of the emeco's navy chair as it not quite the same. Is a replica exactly the same or slightly different? The kids now love sitting in the kitchen & being able to reach for everything that is being prepared for them to eat.

On another subject, our old house in Brisbane has a Tasmanian Oak kitchen which I don't really love & I don't really dislike either. The kitchen is properly about 15years old. Just supposedly, should I paint it or leave it? Would you paint a Tasmanian oak kitchen? And if yes what colour?


  1. The new chairs look amazing in your kitchen <3

    Yes, I would definitely paint your Tas Oak kitchen... White :)


  2. I would paint a Tasmanian oak kitchen. Paint it white, it will look fresh and new again. Good luck x

  3. My parents would shoot me if I said yes, but I kind of want to! The only other option I would suggest is to stain it a dark rich colour (which is some of the only all timber kitchens I really like). I always struggle over decisions to on whether or not to paint timber. :)

  4. Hi KP,

    It depends. Is the house in Brisbane a rental? If so, I would leave it but if you plan to move back into it or are selling, I vote for painting it white too.
    Chairs look great.

    Kel x

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments & helping me to decide whether to paint, I like the idea of a dark stain as well. My other challenge is with the floorboards, they are striped like a Hawthorne jersey! KP

  6. I like the stools. I always thought they would be hard and cold until I tried them. So comfortable and they would be great with kids. I would say paint the timber, but I would find it hard to do. Kerri at Driftwood interiors painted her kitchen white. It might be worth popping over to have a look.

  7. Loving your chairs, it is great when the children can sit and talk to you whilst you prepare dinner.

    I have painted a Tasman Oak Kitchen and I loved it! We painted it white but I can't remember which white we used. Have Fun! Mimi xx

  8. Great chairs - stylish and practical at the same time! I am having the same dilemma re my 15 year old New Guinea rosewood kitchen. I can almost hear my father screaming No!....... Worried that it might end up looking a bit blotchy and end up chipping. I think I might put it in the too hard basket for the moment. ;)Sharyne

  9. Oh the chairs are cool, like everyone is in a high chair. I'm still in 10 minds about having stools at the counter when we build, i guess my 4th baby will be nearly 10, they can't do too much damage (it's not a falling hazard, i gave birth to climbing monkeys who never fall, they just swing their legs, kick & drop crumbs, stools give me 16 more legs to vacuum around). Love Posie

  10. I love those chairs - original or replica...who cares! I just discovered your gorgeous blog through some of my other fav Aussie blogs & I am now your latest follower. I look forward to popping by for some more inspiration!