Sunday, September 2, 2012

colour my room

Colour: Porters Paint Beach Club Blue
Windows will be painted when the outside is painted

Styling by Grace. Colour: Dulux My Wish

mix & match from Ikea
kikki.k pin board

Wow, this is my third post in three days. I am on a roll! I have taken some pics of the progress of our mini makeover of our very tired old home, a 1920's Queenslander that was renovated in the mid 90s. It was painted cream & a teal type colour - very 90s.

I couldn’t talk the kids into painting their bedroom white again. Their last two bedrooms painted whisper white and white on white. The kids this time insisted on colour & lots of it!!!!! They wanted green (eeek), yellow (maybe the Block Sophie & Dale's kids room was fantastic), dark blue (eeek), and pink… At last after a few trials of dark blue, they decided no way to that colour.

Porters Beach Club Blue & Porters Pink Ginger was their ultimate choices. Pink Ginger would of looked great, sadly when we were ready to buy the pink paint Porters store was closed 5mins before the advertised time of 2pm Saturday closing!!! I knew I should of got there earlier. So into Bunnings we went & after agonising over a zillion colours, Grace finally settled on Dulux My Wish.

I am betting on a colour change in a few years, but for now everybody is happy :)



  1. Now I feel guilty. My daughter wanted pink and I said no because I would have to repaint the walls in a few years (and couldn't be bothered). May be I should let her have the pink walls?

  2. Gorgeous transformation and the styling by Grace is so cute.

  3. I think it's also good to let the kids decide on the wall colours they want. I wanted calming blue before but Mum insisted on a mustard shade, and it clashed with the mint green sheets and purple sheets I had.

    Way to go for the DIY home project! =)

  4. Kids love colour,must be something to do with their boundless energy.Lovely mum to give in.Looks lovely.

  5. Pink is such a cheerful, uplifting color. Great choice! -- Jan

  6. Oh MY!!!!

    I seriously thought these were photos from a magazine. Stunning! Amazing! Beautiful.

    You've done a sensational job!

    Love it all!!!!


  7. Loving your new blog make over! Very fresh!


  8. Will we be seeing another update soon? :)

    My fingers are crossed :)


    1. Hi B, an update soon. We are working on our plans for another Reno in 2013. This time we are not rushing too much. Kp

  9. Love the panelling & the colours look great great - fun & cheery!

  10. I love the paint job. The blue is my favorite. I like pink but too much can be a bit too much. Thank you for sharing.

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