Sunday, January 8, 2012


Before our move we are eating our way through our frozen fish stock & one of easy fish dishes is Jamie Oliver's fish pies. This is one of his fantastic fish pies recipes. Yum. 


PS: We are totally exhausted with packing, unpacking, & finishing the 101 jobs around the house before we move. This weekend we unpacked a shipping container of stored ''stuff'' we had in storage for 2years!!! We haven't missed a thing in the container. Big garage sale when we get to Brisvegas. 

Any garage sale tips?




  1. I am a big Jamie Oliver fan. His 30 Minute Meals cookbook is my number one dinner party go-to. Best of luck for the garage sale!

  2. Hang in there KP.

    Mmmmm that fish pie recipe looks delicious!

    Never had a garage sale but from what I've heard it can be very stressful (but rewarding).


  3. Thank you B & Brooke. I haven't brought 30minute meals, I will have to check out 30 minute meals. KP

  4. I've just saved the recipe on Jamie's site as I don't have this book. I adore fish and veges.

    Good luck with the move. Following you now so I wont miss a thing.

    As for garage sale, to make a sale you've practically got to give it away, but I guess its better than keeping it if it's unwanted stuff. I need to do one too.

    Another good idea is to have the GS with several people as you can share advertsing costs and poster prep and lots of stuff makes for a better sale
    Carolyn xx

  5. Thanks Carolyn for the garage sale tips. Have a great day. KP

  6. Jamie's fish pie recipe sounds delicious!
    Just got back from my summer holiday so I'm catching up all the lovely posts I've missed!
    Happy New Year to you & all the best for 2012 especially with the move!

  7. I have Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals and you have reminded me to take another look. Fish pie sounds fantastic.. Good luck with the move! Leahx

  8. Looks yum! Good luck with it all and by the way have forwarded you an award so if you get a chance in all the moving please take a look at my blog. Gx

  9. I don't cook fish as often as I should, this looks yum! Good luck with the move too!
    x KL

  10. Hi KP, Can't wait to see you all set up!

    By the way I've tagged you in a game of tag if you'd like to play along. It's a bit of fun, and it would be lovely to learn a little more about you!